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Computer & Sport Vision Options
in Roanoke, VA

Constant Exposure to Technology Can Adversely Impact Vision

In this day and age, exposure to lighting from computers, mobile phones, or tablets can have negative impacts on vision and eye health. However, with many jobs in the 21st century, constant exposure to computers is necessary and mandatory to function properly. If you find yourself constantly exposed to computers, cell phones, or tablets, give our optometrist a call. Dr. Karl C. Saliba has experience with diagnosing vision issues that come from technology, and finding corrective exercises and lenses to remedy the problem. Do not allow your long-term vision to suffer because of your profession.

Give us a call in Roanoke or Floyd today and begin improving your eye health. Reach us by phone at (540) 774-8007 or contact us online to set up an appointment.

Consider Vision Exams for Athletes with Karl C. Saliba, O.D.

One of the most vital functions of any athlete participating in a sporting event is the way their vision can impact performance. Symptoms like blurry vision and poor depth perception can become a large detriment to individuals playing sports. With a visit to our optometrist, athletes can receive vision exams and other treatments necessary to improve depth perception and other manageable vision deficits from our trained professional.

Through a series of tests, our optometrist can diagnose any vision acuity issues that would prevent patients from performing at peak capability. We can also find the corrective eyewear or contact lenses that allow athletes to still perform comfortably. Give us a call today to set up an appointment for a sport vision exam.

Call Us Today for a Vision Exam Near Roanoke, VA

Athletes and those consistently exposed to technology have relied on Dr. Karl C. Saliba for around four decades, and received comprehensive vision exams from a proven expert. Our optometrist works to find solutions to vision issues that impact patients involved in sports and professions where they receive constant exposure to blue light.

Between testing and finding corrective lenses or contact lenses for these individuals, Dr. Saliba knows the best ways to protect his patients’ eyes. With two offices in Roanoke and Floyd, our optometrist serves individuals in the Roanoke area, as well as in the New River Valley region. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our experienced optometrist.