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Vision Therapy Consultation and Services
from Karl C. Saliba, O.D.

Learn About the Benefits of Vision Therapy in Roanoke, VA

Some eye conditions may require surgery to completely remedy the problem, but in many cases, they do not. When surgery is not an option, eligible patients may opt for vision therapy with our optometrist, Dr. Karl C. Saliba. Vision therapy for the eyes is similar to physical therapy for an injured body part. It can help patients who have issues such as learning disabilities, double vision, or a lazy eye. These methods of strengthening the eye can work wonders, so give our optometrist’s office a call today and take the first step toward long-term clear vision.

Reach us by phone at (540) 774-8007 or contact us online to set up a consultation or appointment with Karl C. Saliba, O.D., for vision therapy.

What to Expect from Vision Therapy With Karl C. Saliba, O.D.

When our optometrist recommends vision therapy to a patient, many questions about the process naturally arise. A few of these commonly asked questions have simple answers we can address here. The sessions for vision therapy can occur once or twice a week, and can last anywhere from half an hour to an hour, based on our optometrist’s specifications.

This is also a process that involves improving vision and remedying vision issues, rather than improving eye strength. Before beginning vision therapy, patients will need to receive a full vision exam to completely diagnose the problem. For more information about vision therapy, give Karl C. Saliba, O.D., a call today, or visit our offices in Roanoke or Floyd.

Visit Either of Our Offices for Vision Therapy in the Roanoke Valley

Residents in the Roanoke Valley can trust Karl C. Saliba, O.D., for vision exams and vision therapy to improve eye functions and sight. Our experienced optometrist can assist those who require vision therapy, in addition to those who require pre- and post-operative care.

We feature a friendly staff of professionals who can answer any questions about vision therapy to alleviate concerns at the time of your appointment. We serve patients in Roanoke, Salem, Radford, Blacksburg, and surrounding areas. Give us a call today for more information, or to schedule a vision exam or vision therapy.